Sunday, 1 April 2007

Relaaaaxxxxxx, you're on holiday!

That's our favourite saying these days - together with "good jo-ob". Why? We have been ridiculously busy the past weeks, which means that nobody has had a day off in two weeks. Looking at life back home, you'd expect most people to start getting grumpy and aggressive - but of course that's not life in paradise :D Instead we are having even more fun together and making silly jokes whenever possible. And now we have a somewhat quiet week, so we're quite proud of ourselves for having made everything work.

Life is still great here, but there are dark clouds in the horizon...Simon is going back to Europe this Wednesday and then it'll be 6-7 weeks apart :( Nothing we can do about it now, we just have to get through it somehow.

A quite bizar event this week: a couple of years ago I went diving off the coast of the Arab Emirates with a company called Divers Down. Imagine my surprise, when Divers Down suddenly turned up here with a group of divers. The World IS quite small - they've not been here before, but they really like it, so they might come back again. Two of the guests in that group are actually getting married while they are here. I'm not quite sure, whether that's romantic.....I'll tell you after the wedding ;)

I've already had my disease this month: toncilitis! It cost me 3 days in bed and lots of penicillin - I'm still not fully recovered. Never mind hey: I'm on holiday ;)))

Lotsa xxx


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