Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Affordable Paradise...........

Looking for a cheap flight back to Europe this summer, I discovered just how affordable flights have become............London Gatwick via Hong Kong to Manila for a total price of GBP 156 / EUR 230 / DKK 1700 one way incl. taxes and fees. With the kind of cost involved in transportation and accommodation here in Paradise, it means that a holiday here can be done for very little money..........Just thought I'd let you all know ;)

http://www.oasishongkong.com/gb/en/home.aspx - flights between London Gatwick and Hong Kong

http://www.cebupacificair.com/ - flights between Hong Kong and Manila. And Bangkok-Manila around 4.000 Baht incl taxes ;)

I would of course be happy to assist with transfers and accommodation :D

Oh, but please no visits between now and end April, cause we are insanely busy and completely booked. After all, I'd like to be able to spend some time with you

Lotsa xxx

Monday, 12 March 2007

Listen to older siblings........

Sometimes, one simply has to surrender to the fact that other people have better ideas........SO, following the wish of my sister, Marianne, here is the link for our monthly newsletter. As you can tell it's not all party time - I actually work here too :D



Karin xxx

Friday, 9 March 2007

Change of plans......

It's taken a long time and lots of thinking........and now we have finally made a decision about the coming months: Simon is going home as planned on 12th April, but I will not be using my ticket. I'll stay through the end of high season, sometime around end May / beginning June. My two months unpaid summer holiday will be spent in UK and Denmark, and then it's back to work August / September.

Simon does not have any confirmation yet, but it certainly looks like he'll be working for the same company next season - i.e. as of September.

Obviously, it's going to be really tough having to be apart for 6-8 weeks now and probably a couple of weeks in August again. I am really dreading that time, but this was the only solution that takes both our wishes into consideration. Simon has to go home to work on the cottage - and I would hate to lose this great opportunity getting experience at such a great and professional resort; oh and earning ok money at the same time.

I am currently teaching my first German open water course, so I'm off into the pool now................I'll keep you posted ;)

Lotsa greetings from the beach
Karin xxx