Friday, 9 March 2007

Change of plans......

It's taken a long time and lots of thinking........and now we have finally made a decision about the coming months: Simon is going home as planned on 12th April, but I will not be using my ticket. I'll stay through the end of high season, sometime around end May / beginning June. My two months unpaid summer holiday will be spent in UK and Denmark, and then it's back to work August / September.

Simon does not have any confirmation yet, but it certainly looks like he'll be working for the same company next season - i.e. as of September.

Obviously, it's going to be really tough having to be apart for 6-8 weeks now and probably a couple of weeks in August again. I am really dreading that time, but this was the only solution that takes both our wishes into consideration. Simon has to go home to work on the cottage - and I would hate to lose this great opportunity getting experience at such a great and professional resort; oh and earning ok money at the same time.

I am currently teaching my first German open water course, so I'm off into the pool now................I'll keep you posted ;)

Lotsa greetings from the beach
Karin xxx

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