Monday, 26 February 2007


Oh YES, after months of suffering under winter temperatures (!!), summer seems to be here to stay this time :) Already, people are starting to moan, because it's really hot - tsk tsk.

Along with the deep-blue sky and endless hours of sunshine comes a drastic improvement in underwater temperatures and visibility. Yeah, now diving is even more fun.

We are fully booked, so very busy........unfortunately, the last big American group also brought along a "fresh" cold virus :( Cost both Simon and me 2 days in bed....... At least they left a substantial amount of USD's as well ;))

Simon is busy at work, too. DSD's, advanced course and lots of dives - all of that in just 11 days. AND the biggest tip ever :)

Thursday, we are having a Danish evening with Simons employers, Alice and Bjoern, and some other Danes here. Alice and Bjoern are really nice - and are very happy with Simon's work. He has very good chances at getting work next season as well.

The last couple of days I have done SASSY with a 6-year old girl from Hong Kong: in principle snorkelling, but she was wearing a bcd-like lifevest with a small tank on the back - and had a regulator mouthpiece instead of snorkel. She absolutely loved it! And her mother was happy to spend 40 USD per session. Cool :D

Back to work here in Paradise.........

Lotsa xxx


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