Saturday, 7 July 2007

And the winner is...............................SABA..............

Some of you may not have heard of Saba before: well, it's a 5 m2 vulcanic island in the Caribbean (Dutch Lesser Antilles) and features some of the - if not THE - best diving in that region. Oh, and it's the place we're going to work next :D

After placing an ad on the Padi website looking for work, I was overwhelmed by the response. It ended up being a problem choosing among the offers. We chose Saba for several reasons, mainly quality of diving, quality of dive op and beautiful nature. AND working conditions: 2 dives per day, fixed salary and commission, two days off every week, 3 weeks paid holiday, paid continuing education and other perks. Communication with the owners is easy-going, so we are getting very good vibes about this project :D

I am starting asap - which realistically means mid August (busy looking for flights - have to go through Sint Maarten) - and have committed to a minimum of 12 months. Simon will join in October for 6 months. If we like it there, the plan is for me to stay and Simon to join every winter. To minimize our time apart, I'll take a month's unpaid leave in addition to my paid holiday in the summer.

Have a look at for more information on Saba and on to see who we work for....

Take care all you lovely people

Karin xxx

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