Saturday, 2 August 2008

Life on the Rock

Important news first: since my last blog update I did not and do not plan to move to a different part of the world ;) I'm still on Saba and still very much in love :D

My dream of going to Denmark on holiday did not come true, but at least I have a job now: assistant project leader for - it's obviously an office job, and it's only part time. My contract starts 18th August, in July I've been volunteering for the summer programme of the foundation.

Next week I'll be doing my "old job": the only live-aboard operating this area has problems with staff on sick leave, so I'm doing a week of divemaster work on it. It'll be tough to be without Jan for a whole week - especially on his birthday - but I really look forward to being back in the water. I have volunteered for the marine park a couple of times, but it's more difficult now that I actually have a job.

Saba is in the middle of the week-long annual carnival, but we have not participated - we'll go to the parade tomorrow though.

Jan's house building project has moved veeeery slowly the past two months. I've been painting the walls, and the tiles will be put in soon. We need to be out of our current appartment by mid-September, but realistically the new house will not be ready before October.

Oh, and do remind me to post some pictures....

Lotsa xxx

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