Friday, 26 January 2007

Instructor's NIGHTMARE ;)

I've already told you: I may be in Paradise, but that does NOT mean that I relax and enjoy myself all the time ;)
Anyway, I had a day off last week, which was great..........We walked to Puerto Galera and it's actually quite a nice little 6 km walk. This is the view from the road:

Not too shabby really :D

Thus refreshed after a lovely (and needed) day off, I have done 1 DSD, 1 Open Water course and finished 2 Open Water referral courses in 7 days. Busy! It's great, I'm loving it and am happy that I get to do all the courses.

HOWEVER, during one of those courses a group of 16 Chinese travel agency owner came to review our resort. And 7 of them accepted our kind offer to try scuba diving: a so-called Discover Scuba Diving experience, which in principle means a bit of theory, an hour in the pool and then a dive in the open water under direct supervision of an instructor. Lucky me!!! I had 7 Chinese people, who hardly spoke English and didn't really want to dive - just a fun afternoon.......

The pictures were taken in the beginning, before chaos entered and they started giving up - one after the other....................Fortunately, I had three of our great divemasters with me, but still.......One hour later, 4 hardcore adventurers finished the pool session (obviously not without panicking several times) - and to my horror announced that they wanted to do the open water dive!!!! Oooohhhhhhhh nooooooooooo........... In my head, I saw the first casualties on my otherwise clean record sheet (I'd have two divemasters with me, but still: these Chinese were BAD news in the water)...... After a night of nightmares, I considered my options. Hmmm, didn't have any ;) Went to work and........... YES, they had changed their minds; they did not want the open water dive :) What a relief, pfffffffff

Now at least you know that life is not perfect constantly here. Just 99% of the time ;)

Take care, lotsa xxx

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