Saturday, 20 January 2007

Postcard from Paradise.......

WOUW, I am flattered and impressed by the reaction / response / attention. Seems like most people forgive me for being such a lousy "contact keeper" :D

The tough life in Paradise continues..... I am working very hard and very much, lately I have been guiding quite a lot, since we did not have any courses - starting an open water course today, though.

Fortunately, the weather has turned as predicted: we now have summer! Summer means blue sky, a little breeze to make the 32 degrees bearable and more importantly: warmer water ;) We are now back to 27 degr water temperature, which makes a huge difference to 25, I can assure you.... I am still wearing my new hooded vest though - cannot believe I ever went diving without one.

Wednesday was "tip day" - we shared the tips from last week........4300 pesos = 45 GBP / 70 EUR / 450 DKK. Lasts quite a while down here, so this promises to be a good month.

Thursday, I took my weekly day off. We walked to Puerto Galera (approx. 6 km), had lunch in the yacht harbour, looking at a Bavaria 39 (yep Torben, it looks even better with blue skies and clear water as a background) - and lazily enough took a Jeepney back. I'll have to take a picture of one of those: old American military jeeps that have been pimped up completely and are now main transport here; sort of mini-bus.

What else does a diving instructor do on her day off? She goes snorkelling of course - cannot get enough of that aquatic life ;)

On my first dive yesterday I saw the biggest turtle I have ever seen. It was as long as me and didn't mind my presence at all. Fantastic! I didn't even now that turtles can be that big.

Anyway, life in Paradise is great - in fact even greater now that the summer is here. And as opposed to my last two students, this one actually WANTS to dive and CAN swim - he is not being forced by his partner. Tsk, tsk, some people.....

Take care everyone, hope the winter is not TOO bad *lol*


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