Friday, 7 September 2007

Just another day in the office

In the meantime I have moved into White Rose Cottage here in Windwardside and have got some sort of everyday life consisting of working, eating, sleeping and some socializing. I must admit that most evenings I am too tired to do anything.

Work here is physically hard and I still get at least one new bruise every day. On the other hand, it saves money for the gym and ensures that my clothes don't get too small. Oh, and I'm turning blonder each day as well ;)

I thought you'd like to see some pictures of my new home, so here they are:

The internet is still not up and running in the house, but the phone is working, so if you want to give me a call it's +599 416 2565. Please remember the time difference!! We are 6 hours behind main Europe.

I'm obviously still counting days towards Simon's arrival - still one month to go and we're not even halfway through our time apart. Sigh. Big sigh.

Since I have a day off today, I'll continue the process of making this house a home. Today's project: getting all the things that are stored in boxes out of the kitchen cabinets and clean everything. Maybe that way, I'll finally reduce the number of cockroach sightings to a reasonable level. I hope ;)

Take care you all


Kees Brom said...
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Kees Brom said...

Tried to call you, unfortunately unsuccessful. Hope you're able to look into your site and will get this message. I'm very pleased you very happy, so you're rich after all. No money at the world can compensate your beautiful life and view. You dreamed of this life when we were struggling in the Office in the wet and cloudy Netherlands. Of course we had also a lot off fun, but I'm afraid I couldn't compensate what you are currently experiencing....diving, sun, sea, etc.....think I like your day at the office very much!!! Beautiful House and view, hope Simon is already there to enjoy you and the view. Sorry that I didn't send you a life sign sooner, but you're really not forgotten!!! My family and myself are very well, I'm working almost 1 year now in the Netherlands for a German company.....can you imagine.....selling pacemakers to Dutch hospitals and enjoying myself very much and spend much more valuable time with my family!!!! Wish you and Simon all the best and hope we keep in touch !!! BIG HUG also from Jacky, Anne & Roos...XXXXXXXXX Kees