Tuesday, 25 September 2007

What did we do in the good old days?

For all you weirdo's out there, who think we cannot live without the internet: we can! It's not easy, it's not nice, but it is possible. And reduces my bad conscience for not updating the blog, sending birthday greetings etc.

So yes, after 4 weeks on the internet waggon, I'm back on the www and in touch with the world again. Just heard that Pavarotti died last month; wonder what other news I didn't hear. Ignorance can be bliss, hey?

Quite unexpectedly, bathroom renovation works started today as scheduled.....they've taken out the bathtub, so I cannot shower this week. Which is btw a bigger and rather unpleasantly smelling problem, when you have a physically demanding job in extreme temperatures......Fortunately, I have a colleague, who is both nice, lives next door AND has a cistern, which is big enough for me to have a daily shower (water supply is a big problem over here).

Remains to be seen whether works continue as planned or convert to Saba schedule...

Simon is arriving in just two weeks, yippie :) Looks like we managed to get through another long separation without visible scars or traumas.

Wheather here is still really good, with comparably calm seas most days. It will get rough in winter, but at least I'll have more experience as boat crew by then (picking up mooring lines is not as easy as it may sound to some).

Lotsa greetings to all you nice people out there. Hope it's not too cold, rainy and miserable where you are ;)


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