Monday, 29 October 2007

Guess my life never gets boring.....

Ouch, it's been over a month since my last update.......sorrrrryyyyyyy.........

Before I forget it: Kees, thanks for your comments - I'm afraid I've lost your email address; could you give it to me again please?

Well, a month in my life is a long time and this time there have been a lot of changes; the most significant ones being that I am now single and I have quit my job.

Simon came to Saba and left again three days later. It's a complicated story. He is now staying on St. Maarten, where he is trying to find work. It was not an easy decision and we are both struggling with it, but basically we want different things in life. Luckily, I have found some fantastic friends here, who are doing their best to make me have a good time - if you're on Facebook, you can have a look at the pictures ;)

One of my issues is that I want to do this "dive stuff" all the time, not just during the winter months. That was also one of the main reasons to go to the Caribbean: there is year-round diving here.

Unfortunately, many things about the work and the diving are completely different over here. The work is physically very hard and I spend little time actually doing what I prefer to do (and am good at): diving, teaching and making sure the guests have the best possible time. To make matters worse, the diving here is not nearly as good as in South East Asia.

Life is short and I have made a commitment to myself to make the most of I have resigned and taken on a new job in the Perhentians (Malaysia), starting 1st February. The season there runs February through October, which leaves three months in the winter where one option would be to do some freelancing in Thailand.

Weather here has been really bad lately: rain, strong wind, big waves and the lots. I have not yet given a departure date, but I am looking seriously at going to Thailand soon to work there a bit before going to the Perhentians.......more to follow.....

I'm really excited about the Perhentians; back to basics :D

My niece, Bodil, and her fiance arrive in two days and are staying two weeks. But first I have to finish our monthly newsletter before tomorrow noon - and I'm not allowed to work on it during working hours, so I'm gonna leave you all again for now

Lotsa xxx


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