Tuesday, 9 December 2008

From QoW to Shark Lady to Lizard Lady?!?!

Kært barn har mange navne :D

It's one of those things........some people say that if dogs and children like you, you are a good person. Been there, done that - got that t-shirt. Some of you have watched the DVD and most of you have heard the story about me being raped by a leopard shark (one of my favourite if somewhat unfullfilling sexual escapades), actually I'm pretty sure you have all heard it at least 4 times ;))

BUT what does it mean when lizards love you?? Even Google and Wikipedia cannot answer that one :0

Saba has an endemic Anole: Anolis Sabanus. Beautiful, cute little creatures who kindly try to decimate the mosquito and bug populations of Saba. I have previously mentioned (at least I think I have) that we have a couple of pet anoles in our home: most astonishing is a sweet young female who likes to follow me around the house and who takes great pleasure in watching Jan taking a shower.

Now, the bravest (that's my interpretation anyway - they're all females) have found the anole version of an all-you-can-eat buffet: they jump onto my foot or leg, waiting for the bugs who get attracted by my various cuts and scrapes (no, not from domestic violence - just domestic work). A perfectly symbiotic relationship and very cute on top of that. Unfortunately, I have not trained them to pose for the camera yet; but I am certainly working on it. In the meantime, they just provide valuable and seemingly endless entertainment to Jan and myself. Fascinating :D

Phototechnical evidence will follow asap - in the meantime, any and all theories as to the importance and meaning of being loved by lizards are very welcome.....

Take care

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